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Posted On: 2013-10-21 00:49:03 ; Read: 407 time(s)
JR Propo, expanding 2.4GHz innovation in technology from DSMJ to DMSS, then pursuing the next breakthrough, they created the DMSS Serial Communication System - The XBus.
Posted On: 2013-09-24 05:45:15 ; Read: 564 time(s)
We all know that for every hobbyist's LiPo batteries (short for Lithium Polymer) should be dependable and reliable in providing great performance of their contraptions, thus it is very important in choosing the right one to use. At RC Victory we believe in providing quality, so we recommend nothing but the finest and world class LiPo batteries.
Posted On: 2013-08-23 22:15:00 ; Read: 663 time(s)
DJI announced the winners for THE WORLD WIDE LANDSCAPE AERIAL VIDEO COLLECTION and we did it! Mac Eugenio together with RedAnts team gave us another reason to cheer and to be proud of being a Filipino.
Posted On: 2013-07-05 22:33:28 ; Read: 802 time(s)
DJI officially announces the general availability of the S800 EVO - has highly integrated design, retractable landing gear, folding propellers and folding GPS bracket, a perfectly matched with the WooKong-M flight control system and many more. It has all you need to make it bigger, higher and bolder footages.
Posted On: 2013-07-01 03:34:52 ; Read: 2742 time(s)
Here is your chance to get noticed by industry professionals and win some great DJI prizes to help pick up your game!
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